Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Retro and Modern games should get along

Watch this video right here.

Now that video was all about two characters fighting each other over vastly different viewpoints. Retro gaming with 2D pixelated graphics versus Modern gameplay with advanced 3D graphics. It doesn't seem like it should matter because both of those things are simple aesthetic choices. But in real life there are two sides that fight just as hard as these characters by spreading their opinions as far and wide as the internet can reach. Opinions are harmless by themselves but saying that gaming hasn't been good since the 8-bit or 16-bit days is quite simply wrong. On the retro side we have people that believe gaming has gone downhill since it went 3D and refuse to play anything but old games, indie games and newer games that happen to appeal to their nostalgic tastes. On the Modern side we have people that say 2D and pixels hurt their eyes and barely see the creative efforts of those who can't make a super realistic 3D blockbuster. There are those rare gems that manage to break into the mainstream from the retro side like Braid and Limbo and the modern side produces a game that indie gamers love like Portal. Both sides have to realize that they are completely wrong about each other and if they want to see more games that appeal to their sensibilities then they have to vote with their dollars and support any of their brethren that manage to find their way into the games industry. Otherwise the balance will never shift in their favor the way they want it to. Also games shouldn't be hated just because they're popular now. If the industry never moved past its infancy then we wouldn't have the variety and selection of games we have now.

So please don't pick sides. Just play what you know is good regardless of the game's graphics or popularity. I've been doing it since my first Atari 2600.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay: Everything floats up here.

In this gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite we see that this time around our character actually talks as he walks through the madness-infested streets of Columbia. We also see some early plasmid use and some of Elizabeth's power-enhancing abilities. It also appears that the weapons are going to be of the single-shot variety most of the time which might encourage some players to make much more use of their plasmids. I know in the first two Bioshocks I was practically swimming in eve and ammo even on hard mode. And the plasmids certainly look more fun to use in this one.

Funniest thing ever